5 characteristics that will help you excel in almost any job

Especially in our industry (tech), there seems to be an ocean wide sized gap between supply and demand on the labor market. Followed by recruitment agencies popping up all around.

Now, more than ever, people are considering a career change towards tech to jump with both feet into this labor market gap. Leading to an increased number of academies who teach skills like UX/UI design and software development.

Skill Sets that are in extremely high demand. Right now that is. And it will stay that way for a while. But as we progress as a human race, with technology evolving quicker than our regulatory institutions can keep up, it pays to focus on skills that will matter a lot in the years to come.

Here are some of the biggest characteristics and skills that apply across various roles and industries.


Cognitive ability

Cognitive ability, or general mental ability, defines how well a person is able to perform a wide range of mental processes, including solving problems, reading, working with numbers, remembering things, organizing, and planning.

Improving your cognitive skills can make you more successful and simply a happier human being. It probably won’t come as a surprise that good nutrition, sleep, and exercise are essential to brain function.

Feed your brain;

Our brains rely on what we eat to give them all the nutrients they need to function. We may think the idea of fish as ‘brain food’ is an old wives tale but there is some truth in it. Fish is a low-fat source of protein and protein is something that our brains need lots of to function at their best.

Eating a well balanced, healthy diet with only occasional treats is the best way to make sure your brain can perform at its best.


Get enough sleep;

A no brainer but often not prioritized. During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. It's forming new pathways to help you learn and remember information.

Studies show that a good night's sleep improves learning. Whether you're learning math, how to play the piano, how to perfect your golf swing, or how to drive a car, sleep helps enhance your learning and problem-solving skills. Sleep also helps you pay attention, make decisions, and be creative.



It’s not the purpose of this article to get all scientific on you but scientists are continuing to show that everything from the “runner’s high” to the “yogi’s tranquility” can have profound effects on your brain.

Exercise affects the brain in many ways. It increases heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to the brain. It aids the release of hormones which provide an excellent environment for the growth of brain cells. Exercise also promotes brain plasticity by stimulating growth of new connections between cells in many important cortical areas of the brain. Research from UCLA even demonstrated that exercise increased growth factors in the brain which makes it easier for the brain to grow new neuronal connections.


Learn something new;

Learning something new keeps your brain active and making new connections. You should aim for something that is difficult, but achievable as this will stretch your brain just the right amount. As soon as you get comfortable with a certain level of activity, it is time to take on a new challenge.

Learning a language can be a good place to start as it is useful and fun as well as hard work. If that is not for you, then choose whatever area of study inspires you and get a book or sign up for a course.



It means that whatever it is you are working on, you want to do it well and thoroughly. You care about getting things right and putting in the effort to ensure everything is done to the best of your ability.   

At Story of AMS this is one of the key traits we look for in new people to join our team.

Some projects are more challenging than others, but if we say yes to a project, it means that from that moment, we take on the responsibility to deliver. No matter what.


Growth mindset

Some people are natural learners. When people have a growth mindset, they are always willing to learn something new and want to make an effort to be better. They’re interested in learning new skills, advancing in their career, and growing both personally and professionally. In short, people with a growth mindset believe that they can develop themselves through hard work and embracing feedback.

Employees are more successful when they’re invested in their careers and development. When they want to do better at their job and advance, they’ll be more likely to take on additional tasks and challenges that can make them stronger in their positions and more qualified to advance to a higher role.

A great tip is to always be able to recall a situation where you failed at something professionally, and what you learned from it. A bonus would be if you could explain how you applied that learning to a future situation.

If you’re curious about how we nurture a growth mindset within Story of AMS you should definitely read this article. To sum it up real quick we focus on learning together, create an open communication culture and promote the sharing of knowledge.


Active learning

This is where the growth mindset come to fruition. It is when you apply new information you’ve learned to real-life activities or scenarios. Great active learning skills will help you be more successful in new roles because they will help you retrain or learn new processes and systems with ease.

It’s not only helpful in advancing your career but it also makes it easier to stay up-to-date with changing technological landscapes and business needs.

Before your next interview, prepare to explain a situation where you learned something on the job and applied that learning to future tasks and experiences.


Creative problem solving

Companies, especially those who are constantly growing and evolving, encounter problems that they have not seen before.

Having people in the team with the ability to creatively solve problems, or to solve problems in a creative way can ultimately mean the difference between success or failure of the organization.

Companies need people who can find fresh perspectives and come up with innovative solutions.



Each role within a company requires some unique skills and characteristics to succeed. We get that it is important for recruiters to know exactly what they are looking for in a candidate to fulfill a particular role. Those things are often in the job description but the people who truly excel, the top performers you want on your team are also bringing these skills to the table.