Finding the fine balance between UX and Creative design

Recently, the distinction between creative designers and web designers has become more prevalent.

No creative designer wishes to be told to create wireframes, and no UX designer wants to simply create an abstract & beautiful website.

The hard thing is though, if you actually want a finished product that is exceptional, you need both.

To break down a little bit of the difference here - creative design is simply something that was made in a certain way to look good. It’s usually the more wild ideas, the creative concepts and the types of design that one loves to look at.

A UX designer is someone who thinks with logic. They want what they’re creating to be useful and easy to navigate, they’re the guys using the concepts created in Silicon Valley to workshop and problem solve in a visual way.

If you focus simply on clicks, leads and an easy user experience - you’re left with a rather lack-lustre website, that doesn’t spark creativity or inspiration and probably doesn’t represent your brand except in general design with colours, logo, font’s etc... And what fun is that?

Having a website nowadays is like your digital storefront, in fact it’s more than that, as it goes global- it’s a representation, introduction and lead in to your brand, and depending on your industry, it could be the main way to capture clients or customers. You want it to become an extension of your business, both creatively and functionally.

Working with multimedia and making your site a destination for your brand is a sure way for brand retention and recognition, which is undeniably important in today’s media scape if you want to stand out within your industry.

As most ideas are no longer novel, competitors are rife, so it becomes a pretty pivotal experience to ensure every facet of your brand or business is putting an authentic and representative experience forward. This element, is creative design.

When someone is navigating your brand experience online, they need to feel it, be encapsulated but they also need to be guided through the digital story you're telling and prompted to engage in the way you want them too… and also not get lost.

This is exactly where a UX designer fits, they’re the ones that turn the digital experience into something logical and something that can convert.

When considering your digital image, make sure you're considering both of these elements, and finding a way for them to work harmoniously together, to create an unforgettable and high converting digital experience.