The difference between frontend & backend development


Not all clients understand the fundamentals of development, and nor should they. When we work on projects we are doing our client’s a service that they can not facilitate in house, so they trust us to do our thing, so that they can focus on theirs.

One of the biggest fundamentals of what we do that I find needs explaining on a basic level, is what on earth is the difference between Frontend development, and backend development. Now for developers and tech-natives alike - this should seem like a no brainer, but for companies who have never had to deal with code or have minimal experience in the digital world, this is not quite the case. 

In brief, frontend is the stuff that your clients can see, it’s what the website looks like, buttons and all. Backend, is the part of the website where all content in added, updated and the site is managed. 

Although both of these elements are individual, they relate wholeheartedly with one another, and you can’t really have one without the other if you want a fully functional and editable website. 


The nitty gritty of Frontend

As above, frontend is everything that a user can see and interact with. It’s the scrolling, it's buttons, it’s the spacing. It encompases what a website is and takes this directly from the design. 

It can also sometimes be referred to as “client-side” as it’s everything that happens for the clients or users. The web designer and front-end developer almost read the same language, except that the designer creates it and the frontend developer will bring it to life using a combination of tools including coding languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.   


Now, onto the backend;

Backend refers to the server side. This is the bit that controls updates, function and anything like stock management, ecommerce, login’s and accounts. It’s basically all the stuff happening behind the scenes. The crux of backend development is all about how the website functions and runs. Your clients will never see this part of the website, only people who are in charge of editing the website have a need to use the backend.

Backend developers are also the champs who work to integrate API’s and algorithms - or anything that needs to be paired with your site, system or app for it’s unique needs. 


Both types of developers play an important role in the making of any platform, website or app, and here at Story of AMS we have super talented Frontend and Backend developers - as well as some jack-of-all-trades full-stackers who can jump on both sides of any development process.