The Importance of a Brand

There’s a lot of miscommunication out there about what exactly a brand is. And I’ll be honest, it’s absolutely up for debate.

What is not up for debate however, is how important a strong brand is in today’s market. Whether you're a B2B, a service provider or consumer focused, your brand is essentially your first impression, and that boils down to the colours, logo, tone of voice and key identifiers that people associate with you.

Consumers have gotten more savvy over the years (blame a growing population and saturated markets) which means to get their attention you need to work harder and establish yourself as an individual. It’s highly unlikely that what you do or what you offer is novel, so assuming that you will just be able to make it work with a good product or offering is frankly kidding yourself.

You need to think about your brand, and the market you’re trying to communicate to. Do they match? What exists in the market? How does your brand compare to competitors? How does it identify and how does it participate in the market?

If you think you can slap a logo on something, pull up a quick website complete with Helvetica only type, then maybe think again… or if you created your brand in the 2000’s and still assume it’s relevant, maybe also think again. If you also think you can say whatever to your customers without considering your brand tone and personality... also think again. A good brand is a perfect balance of written and visual elements, paired with a giant side of relevance. 

You will always be competing in any given market with the attention of your customer with multiple other brands, and the only way to get their attention is to stand out.

I’m not saying we have all the answers, but what we do have is our heads actively in the game, which means we tend to have a good grasp on what functions well as a good brand.

So, think you need a refresh or want to talk some more about how your brand fits into the digital market? Get in touch to talk shop. We can provide the coffee.