The Importance of Video

The data is out, everyone knows it, but here we are ready to reiterate it to you again. A robust video strategy is the way of the future, and it’s a form of content that simply can’t be ignored. With short attention spans, making up most of any given target market, potential customers are looking for sharp, meaningful and engaging content that keeps them interested for longer.

The brands who are standing out in the digital landscape are the ones who are creating thoughtful and creative video content for their audience. And the brands who are dominating markets? They’re the ones who created thoughtful video content from the beginning, and are continuing to push the boundaries now.

Video is the ultimate form of storytelling, it’s a format everyone understands and has gotten increasingly more sophisticated over the years. With thoughtful scripts and creative production and editing, a great video can really change your business perception, and generate more leads or sales… or simply be a fun project for brand awareness and retention.

So, here’s a round-up of some great videos brands have produced;





A good story, well shot and topical. Gillette are bulking out their brand to be more meaningful. Although the outcome is still geared to selling razors, their support of a charity at the end does tie the video up with good intentions - and the meaning behind it is an important discussion happening in today’s society.

Burger King



Burger king feel your way. Clearly a direct stab at McDonalds (which I like), and also a comment on mental health. Burger King are also touching on a topical subject, with mental health discussions on the rise it’s a good two edged sword for the brand. The video itself incorporates a catchy musical number and links a few scenarios to tell a wider story.


Google Maps



The real story based around the Oscar winning film Lion, and this time in ad form for Google. This is a very clever marketing creative for them as it is adding a sentimental side to storytelling while showcasing a very unique use of Google maps. People love a personal story and this one’s pretty remarkable, spiced with footage - similar to that of the film.





Not all great video content need to be serious and emotionally manipulating. Sometimes it can be lighthearted and a little humorous but still have the same effect on consumers. Nike have a history of creating video content in both of these realms. This particular one is a great showcase for the brand, particularly for their female customers. It's relatable, lighthearted and puts their customers in the brand experience.





This option was a little different for GoPro. They often go for user generated content that showcases extreme sports and active real-life uses of their cameras. In this case they’re taking the “hero” element of their camera’s name and showcasing a fireman saving a cat. It tugs on heartstrings, it’s cute and it still gets the point across that these are durable cameras for any extreme activity - from snowboarding to fighting fires.





Apple humorous video highlighting their face scanning feature that was added to the iPhone X. They’ve always created interesting video content that doesn’t tug on heart-strings or play with typical archetypes. They simply make something visually pleasing, dynamic and most importantly it’s get the point across of what exactly they’re trying to highlight with their products.


Dubai Expo



This video first off, has a great script. Which is equally as important when it comes to storytelling. The Dubai expo happens every year and is basically a celebration of human achievement. This video accurately showcases a vast majority of human discovery and progression, and works to define the depth of what can and will be covered in the Dubai expo. It’s simultaneously vague and clarifying with some clever editing and engaging script writing.