You need this tactic to stay on top with Tech

Working in tech can give you so many perks, such being the first to know the latest trends. But working in tech is not always easy. It requires continuous reskilling, it’s fast passed and you consistently go after moving targets within the fast-changing tech environment.

To make sure that you're always updated and keep current, here's the one hack that can help make sure you’re staying relevant and meeting your milestones: Conduct a personal 360° review.

This review is not your typical performance evaluation. With this tactic, you'll send a list of questions to your colleagues, friends and family. Based on their answers you will be able to learn what skills you're great at- and what may need improvement. 

Here are the steps to conducting Personal 360° review:

headway-5QgIuuBxKwM-unsplash1. Who to ask: Determine the people who will give impactful feedback. Ideally, within your relevant industry. 

2. How to ask: Start with questions about your tech skills. Follow up with soft skill related questions and open-ended qualitative questions. Pro tip: Use Google Forms. Free, easy, and your respondents can leave their names out!

3. How to send it: Send the questions to each person and add a personal message. Make sure to briefly state what you would like to achieve to get more valuable feedback. 

4. How to deal with the feedback: Critical feedback is the most valuable. Keep in mind to be open and grateful that you have been provided with constructive feedback as a point to start your growth!

5. The wrap: Now that you have all this information, take some time to process it and set some goals. Explore courses or other resources that can further your skills and create a personal action plan.

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